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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beaded Ninja

I finished my ninja! Also just because, pictures of a cattail stand that I pass on the way to the gym.

For the cattail stand, click on the image for a larger version. It's not huge, I took it with my phone.

Today well.. I beaded. Lots, and about 2:45 E started pointedly getting ready to go to the gym because we agreed we were going swimming today. So we went and played in the pool for a couple hours. Then Mike picked us up to go get comics and I came home and finished up the little ninja.
E said it was the cutest beaded ninja she ever saw. I asked her if she ever saw any others. She said "No" so I said "Then it's the ugliest, the meanest, the biggest, the smallest and the silliest beaded ninja you've ever seen as well." and she sighed and said "No. Just the cutest."


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