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Friday, June 10, 2016

Rainbow Love coloring page

Rainbow heart- with a blank version to color
It's Pride Month!! Time for lots of rainbows and hearts and love. Okay, you all know me. Every month is a good time for rainbows, hearts and love.

I hope you enjoy coloring this page as much as I enjoyed drawing it! Click the images below for larger versions to print and color.

Rainbow Love coloring pages

small jpg:
Rainbow love coloring page- available in jpg and transparent png #rainbows #adultcoloring #pride

large transparent png:
Rainbow love coloring page- available in jpg and transparent png #rainbows #adultcoloring #pride

And for a bonus- here's a photo of my kids marching in last year's Pride parade! 

1 comment:

  1. I love your illustrations and I have been using them for maybe a year or more now! First comment. I wanted to comment today, because I assume you will loose followers over supporting Pride like this. It's so sad to watch from Europe the mess you're having in the USA about people's right to love whoever they want. In my country, Norway, we've had marriage for all for over 10 years now. Except throught the churhc, but even they are finally backing down and changing it now. A separate ceremony for samesex couples at least 10 years before that. I've never known anything else. You're a wonderful person for choosing to stand up for love!!


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