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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geek stuff

Just throwing a couple things up here. The first is a template in 300 ppi that fits a Nintendo DS. I used sticker paper with it and created a Pokeball to cover the scratches on my son's DS. Plain paper covered with packing tape would work too since it's size to have a bit of a border space around it. The blank template is in PNG format.

The other thing is blank game tokens. Why? My son is designing a board game that looks very complicated. While he's in the process of testing and designing, these will give him something inexpensive to use as game tokens that he can also write a quick note on them. To use them, you cut out the circle, fold it half and glue it, then cut a notch where the black line is. I cut a narrow V shape out. Then cut out the token parts, fold it in half and cut the corresponding notches. You can glue this or not before cutting the notches, I left his unglued so he can easily re-fold them so the blank side is out for extra notes. I'm really not sure if these will come in handy for anyone else, but if you can use them, do! Lined, unlined and half lined, these are 300 ppi gifs and print out to be about 1 inch at the base, and 1.5 inches tall.

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