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Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Review- I Felt Awesome

I Felt Awesome by Moxie is a needle felting book that absolutely lives up to it's title.
In the middle of the holiday rush to get projects done in time, this book is very distracting. The projects are whimsical and delightfully unexpected. There is a lot of gorgeous sculpting in the needle felting community. This book has amazing projects that will make you laugh out loud and really inspire you to felt.
It starts with a tools list that explains the various tools. Including the fact that if you're needle felting, you need adhesive bandages. And safety tips so hopefully you won't need them as often. Materials list, and 25 pages on the techniques of needle felting so even absolute beginners can start with this book.
First chapter is wearables. May the laughter begin. Starting with a martini inspired necklace of olives with pimentos*, it just gets even more fun from there. Imagine a soft sculptured spiked wrist band. The juxtaposition of soft and spikey just thrills me.The perfect accessory for the crafty punk. I could really do this all day, describing all my favorite projects, but that will be a really really long review.So I'm going to try and narrow it down a lot.
The Fat Head barrettes are a great starter project or a project for an evening of crafting with friends. It starts with commercial felt with added embellishments.
The Playables are incredibly clever. The author uses magnets to create a soft sculpted Potato Head doll and if that's not cute enough, a Katamari Damacy ball that can pick up paper clips and such from your desk. Desk bowling and the cutest little emo doll I've ever seen are my other favorites from this chapter.
In Form Not Function, it gets to more of what I've come to expect from needle felting. Sculpture just for it's own sake. A faux neon sign, a cute houseplant with a hot dog hanging from it, an adorable mobile based on warning labels.
If you have had an interest in needle felting, I recommend this book happily. It has inspired me to pull my fiber back out, and it's inspired my daughter to try needle felting. She's only wet felted  in the past.
You can get the book by clicking the link above, or directly from the publisher at affiliate links help support this site and my book habit.
*about those kinds of olives- when I was a kid, my brother and I called them the "Olives with the red poop" so every time I see them now, that's what goes through my mind. 

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