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Monday, June 11, 2018

Dandelion Jelly!!

Dandelion jelly recipe

Most of the time, we have enough dandelions in our yard for fried dandelions but not much past that because we really love fried dandelions. This year though has been a banner year for those happy sunshine flowers.

I know my yard has not been touched with weed killers or dangerous chemicals in the 16 years we've lived here, so I don't have any problems with harvesting from my yard.

My daughter is the jelly and jam maker in our home. She was enthused about trying this recipe from her grandmother.

Well, until I told her we had to pick about 11 cups of dandelions.
But picking the petals off of them went a lot faster with 3 of us. We just pinched the green ends off, then peeled off the green to get all the petals. It wound up being 8 cups of petals total.

So this is a recipe we don't double- but we do make enough tea to make 2 batches back to back.

We used pint jars because well, we do use pint jars usually for personal use jellies and jams. If you're going to gift it, use half pints.

This recipe makes about 2 pints or 4 half pints.

You will need:

5 cups of blossoms- cut and pick the green parts off, use only the white and yellow parts
4 cups of boiling water
3 Tbs. lemon juice
6 Tbs of powdered pectin
4 1/2 cups of sugar

First you'll make a dandelion tea. Pour the boiling water over the petals in a non-reactive bowl cover, and let steep at least until room temperature. We let it go overnight which made an orange-y yellow tea.

Strain the blossoms out of the tea, and press lightly. Pre-measure your sugar.

Measure 3 cups of dandelion tea into a pan, add the lemon juice and pectin and bring to a boil.

Add the sugar, bring back to a boil and let it boil for 2 or 3 minutes.

Put in jars leaving 1/4 inch head space and water bath process for 10 minutes.

It tastes like a honey jelly, bright and sunshine-y. It's delicious with Brie on crackers, which is how we have it served in the photo above.

It's absolutely a new family favorite, and despite the time it took to get just the petals, TG plans to make it again!

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