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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Krusteaz for the Win on #NationalPancakeDay

One of The Amazing Turnip Girl's favorite things in the world is giving Mom a night off by cooking "Breakfast for Dinner". We always have a box of Krusteaz mix on hand because it makes it really easy.

In her mind, pancakes and waffles always go with eggs for dinner, she'll pick one other protein and lots of fruit to go with it.

It's an easy dinner that can be as light or as hearty as you want very simply, and the mixes make absolutely wonderful and consistent results every time.

The Belgian waffle mix is her other favorite. We don't have a Belgian waffle maker, she pulls out her old-fashioned stove top cast iron waffle iron and makes deliciously crisp waffles with pockets for syrup. With dinner, it's usually maple syrup.

I don't have a photo- but in the summer- it's a dessert waffle with fresh-picked berries or stewed rhubarb and ice cream!

The sausage in the above photo is a locally made reindeer sausage that is a family favorite.

One of my favorite things about "Breakfast for dinner" nights is that we can get several kinds of fruits, one or two of each, a couple small things of berries and split them up so everyone gets a variety. It's colorful and flavorful.

We always make extras, so we can use them for lunch. A couple pancakes makes a sandwich special. My favorite is deli turkey, jam, sprouts and cream cheese as an open face cold sandwich on a pancake.

Krusteaz has a lot of recipes and meal suggestions on their website.

Make dinner easy by having breakfast for dinner!

Krusteaz on Facebook has contest giveaways and meal suggestions.

This post was sponsored by Krusteaz. All opinions are my own.


  1. We have a combo waffle iron / sandwich grill. One time my husband was going to make grilled cheese sandwiches and forgot to check which way up the plates were. We had waffled grilled cheese sandwiches. The different levels of browning were really interesting and tasty.

    1. That sounds fantastic. Did you ever do it again on purpose?


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