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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A printable quote about faith

This quote is from Charlie Chaplin's auto-biography.

I believe that faith is a precursor of all our ideas.Without faith, there never could have evolved hypothesis, theory, science or mathematics.I believe that faith is an extension of the mind. It is the key that negates the impossible. To deny faith is to refute oneself and the spirit that generates all our creative forces. My faith is in the unknown,in all that we do not understand by reason; I believe that what is beyond our comprehension is a simple fact in other dimensions, and that in the realm of the unknown there is an infinite power for good.
-Charlie Chaplin
Click the image below for a printable version.

I'm trying very hard to hold on to faith. This cancer my dad has, it is beatable, but it's also very, very scary. He's going to be starting chemo-radiation very soon.

He's worried about being bald. I told him some of my friends would make him hats. If you want to make him a hat, his head is 20 inches around- youth patterns will work well. He likes skulls, Batman,  aliens, all sorts of things. Any extras we get or hats he won't wear will be donated.
Email me at shala at donteatthepaste DOT com if you want an address.

And if you just want to say a prayer, light a candle or think really good thoughts, I'd be very happy for that too.


  1. Your generosity in sharing your artistry and inspiration with us all over the years has been very much appreciated, and I hope all of us who have benifited will send up a prayer for your Dad's quick and full recovery as a well deserved Christmas present for you and your family.
    Fingers crossed. Chin up.
    Sent with thanks and love, Sheila


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