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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Magpie and Moose (and a squirrel just because)

We went to Best Buy to pick up Supernatural season 8 because it's Show 2 in our home (Doctor Who is Show) and on the way, in the wooded lot by our house, I saw a moose. So I ran back in the house to get my camera.

So right before I snapped the photo above, we watched a magpie land briefly on the moose's butt then fly off. Michael and I laughed about it. When I take photos, I'll usually take a few, and choose the best one. The second photo that I took was this one.

Does it look like that magpie was looking for a landing spot? It was there with a couple of it's buddies. They were trying to look innocent but watching the moose carefully.
We saw a magpie land again on the moose's butt, then fly off. I missed that photo. But we stuck around as the moose ambled off into the woods to see if it would happen again, if this was a game the magpies were playing.
Sorry for how blurry it is. But yes, that's a magpie. On the moose. The magpies followed the moose into the woods. They really kind of reminded me more than a bit of Rosemary, who is one of my very dearest friends. She loves sparkly things, and also is a fan of Supernatural and her favorite character is the one they sometimes call "Moose".

This photo was taken yesterday, and has nothing to do with the photos above, except I was able to focus more carefully and wasn't laughing while trying to take the picture.

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