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Friday, May 18, 2012

Enthused about Staree for social networks

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been very happy working with SocialSpark as a way to make extra money, they are an ethical company and I'm only promoting brands and products that I personally like and think fit my readership.

So when I got the email about Staree, which is another Izea company, I was prepared to be enthused. 

With Staree, you apply to be part of the program, connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then it works a lot like a photo blog. You can upload your photo or video content, add a caption and an optional © symbol, then click to share to FB and Twitter.  The more people click on your links, the more money you make. If you take really wonderful photographs, Staree team members may make special offers from advertisers for photos with product placements. For videos, you can choose the place in the video that will be the thumbnail image.

If you're an internet star with a lot of readers on your social networks, this is a great way to make extra money! I know a lot of my readers are very active on Twitter and Facebook but don't blog or have websites. This is way for you to make money doing something you love.

This is what a share looks like on Facebook.

screenshot- Staree share

When you click on the link, you get this page--> My Staree post.

Celebrities use Staree too.


It's new, it's exciting and it looks ideal for making a little extra money while sharing photos and videos with your friends, family and readers.  If you sign up, they will fast pass your application and give you the opportunity to give fast pass links to your friends. Check out Staree for yourself.



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