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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Product Review- Xyron Mega Runner

Almost all of my boxes and printables are designed with half inch tabs to glue specifically for people who prefer using double sided tape or runners to assemble instead of glue. The advantage to that method over glue is that there is no drying time, no need to clamp, no wrinkling because of wet glue and everything goes together a lot faster.

Xyron recently sent me some of their adhesive runners to try out. This is about the Xyron Mega Runner.

The Xyron Mega Runner uses cartridges with 100 feet of 1/2 inch wide adhesive. The cartridges fit into the big runner in one direction only so you can't mess up putting in the cartridge. The runner is comfortable to hold and pull and comes away clean when you pull it off the project you're working on. The adhesive is in a dot pattern on a plastic tape strip. It sticks to your project and comes off the tape easily. 

I used this runner to put together the Día de los Muertos Sugar Skull Boxes and was impressed by how easily it worked. It pulled easily and the tape didn't come loose or break. So I've been using it on a lot of projects since then and so has the Turnip Girl. After using at least 20 feet of the cartridge, the tape did jam a couple of times, popping open the Mega Runner and pulling out the cartridge to wind the used tape was easy.

Then I thought "Well, what's the best way to show the dot pattern?" because it's only going to be a little shiny if I pull it on paper and take a photo. I decided to see how it worked with glitter for contrast! It worked very well and makes a nice way to quickly embellish a card edge. (I'm planning to add a lot more skulls to this card later)
So now that you have an idea of the scale, here's a close up to see the dot pattern of the adhesive.

It's a nice bond. I do recommend with all runners to burnish down what you're working on for a truly permanent bond. If you tack it lightly with very little pressure, you can usually move it if necessary.

It has a very thin profile and the adhesive is clear and shiny so it will work with translucent papers, and it doesn't add bulk to anything you're gluing. If you're going to be making a lot of boxes or doing a lot of pages or other paper crafting, it's incredibly convenient.

You can get the Mega Runner, or the smaller tape runner (which I'll be reviewing later) directly from Xyron
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