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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Corsage bracelet and update

You can find instructions for this bracelet here.

My daughter is thrilled with it, and planning to make one for herself soon. I'm currently working on a couple skirts, including a pair of half circle skirts that use a 90 inch round table cloth, so the skirts are already hemmed. They just need a seam and elastic to finish them. Unfortunately, I got everything cut out and ready to go and then couldn't find my black thread. The math is fairly simple. For a fold over elastic waist,  you cut a circle out of the center of the table cloth (find by folding into quarters) that is your hips+ease/3.14, then cut the now donut shaped table cloth in half and each half makes one skirt. The length is 45 inches- 1/2 of the above diameter, so if you decided on 40 inches for hips+ease, the circle would be 80/3.14=25.47 or round up to 26, the radius of that is 13, so 45-13=32 which is a nice long skirt.  The table clothes I'm using were marked down at Sam Clubs for having a torn package and are a cotton/poly blend. Now if I can find 120 inch ones I can make half circle capes for the ren fair. 

My husband is planning to grill fish and veggies for my birthday Monday. Yum yum. We were also talking about a wood grilled version of the crab bread that is served at the hotel he works at. It's so very good. 

Dad is doing a lot better now, and is planning to go back to work on Monday. He's also fairly sure that everyone is ganging up on him because every time he talks to one of his friends, me, his grandkids or my husband the first thing we ask is "How are you feeling?" followed by "Have you eaten today?"

William and I have gotten hooked on GetGlue. If you don't know about GetGlue yet, it's sort of like a combination social networking site and marketing site. You like and check into books, movies, albums and tv shows. Some new releases earn virtual stickers, after you've collected 20, you can have them mailed to you once a month. We joined because HEY! Doctor Who stickers!  I got my first order of stickers in the mail a few days ago. My husband was tickled by the Burn Notice stickers which he plans to put on his next laptop. My daughter was thrilled with both Fringe and Doctor Who. The physical stickers are shiny, glossy round stickers.  You can get information on how to unlock and earn stickers from the forum.

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