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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marian Call drawing and garden planning

With only two people commenting for my drawing of a Marian Call album download, the winner is Jennifer B, but knuckstermom, please email me at shala at donteatthepaste. com. I'd like to send you a little something for playing.

I'm planning my garden. There is still snow on the ground and on the mountains. I took this photo on my way home from the store where I picked up soil and pots for my starts.

I'm going to start my pumpkins tomorrow, we are growing them from seeds from our jack-o-lanterns. We are also starting our first batch of potatoes in true recycling fashion, we are lining laundry baskets with surplus burlap from a local coffee roaster, and planning to do them in stages started a month apart so we have potatoes all summer for the grill.

My teens are making seed tapes following the fantastic tutorial here. Because the carrots we picked are slow growers, they are doing radish seeds every 5th spot instead of carrots so we know that's where our carrots are.

Also planning rhubarb, but that's going to wait until spring kicks in properly and I can go to the nursery that is conveniently located within walking distance. In The Garden Nursery is always friendly and very knowledgeable about what will grow in Anchorage, and how to best care for it. 
The Turnip Girl becomes The Rhubarb Girl as soon as it starts coming up in the summer. She's wild for the stuff. Rhubarb sauces for fry bread, rhubarb lemonade, rhubarb soda pop, rhubarb pie. So this year I figured it's worth putting in, I know it grows very well in Anchorage and comes back bigger and better every year.

Mike is planning on doing some smokes with the pieces of birch from a tree cut down in our backyard. 

The weather may not agree, but I feel very much like spring.


  1. Good luck with all those gardening plans. I hope it gets warm enough and stays that way so I can mess in my yard. Sally

  2. what a brilliant idea re: planting radishes every 5th so you know where the carrots are! that got filed away in my mental Remember This folder :) Thanks!
    We still have snow here too (south southwestern Ontario) but I am planning my garden too :)


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