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Friday, January 28, 2011

Links I'm loving right now

Some recent things I'm loving!
Amy Echo clothing- specializing in larger sizes with a great goth influence, she will custom size to fit. I really seriously want the pixie hankie skirt. She also has an Etsy store.

Thistlewood Manor- I have a thing about soap, especially about good handmade soap. Deb makes wonderful hot processed soaps, and she sent me some samples and a shampoo bar to try out. The pumpkin lager soap smells like pumpkin butter while it's cooking and my son loves that scent. My daughter was wild for the raspberry. The shampoo bar! On my hip length very straight hair, it got it so clean and shiny my husband thought it looked like a lighter color because the silver in my hair was shining so. On my son's curls, well, they were manageable. This is a big thing. Usually his hair attempts to eat any combs or brushes that come near it.  She also has an Etsy shop, and sews as well.

Trash My Stash posted a list of  5 Resolutions You Can Make, including my make-up pads!

Creative Warcraft posted this traveling game project that reminded me of something similar that my mom used to make. She would get beat up cookie sheets from thrift stores and cover them with contact paper to make traveling checkerboards that could also be used as lapdesks by my brother and I.

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  1. I didn't even notice you linked to me until I had been checking my stats! Thanks so much for the extra visits to my page - makes me feel like less of a blogging failure LOL.


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