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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flying Panda Bead Pattern

 I've decided to try and give my posts relevant names that make them easy for people and spiders to see what the post is about, or I would have named this post "Watch out for flying pandas!"
So.. quick version, I got me and the kids all stuffed pandas just for fun. They made me smile and I wanted to share. And while my kids are teens now, they both still enjoy stuffed animals, or at least, enjoy making me happy by always acting thrilled on those rare occasions I decide they need one.
So after I got my panda, which I named Rainbow on account of the fact it was black and white (naming a panda Zebra would just be silly) , I sat in my chair watching PBS with my husband and tossing Rainbow in the air. Then Rainbow flew wildly out of my hands and hit Mike in the face.
Mike handed it back to me without a word.
The second time it happened, he said "Really? It just got away from you twice? And hit me in the face both times?" And I said "uh huh. Can I have my panda back?"
A few days later it happened a third time. Whoops.
So now Mike's sworn that if another panda hits him in the face, all the pandas are going to panda jail.
Monday, I was talking to my son, and the panda went again. I explained to him that my panda could fly and he had to get out of the flight path because once it started, it didn't know how to steer. Mike said "It's true. I've been hit in the face by 3 pandas." and I said "No, just one. Mine. The other two are innocent non-flying pandas."
It didn't help.
So, now you know why the panda has wings.  It's a good size to use in a necklace or as a pin.

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