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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can't Stand to Cook

When I was young, my mom worked for the local Equal Rights Commission, which happened to be in the same building as the local MS Society. As a result she had a lot of friends who had MS. I did all the readathons and other fund raisers of course because I personally saw how MS impacted families, a couple of those friends of my mom had children the same age as me.
I have a cookbook from that time period, called Can't Stand to Cook. It's a cookbook written expressly for the handicapped. Chair bound and otherwise handicapped people who might want to make their family a meal but didn't always have the resources available to do a lot of what's involved. This book was written when microwaves were brand new and nobody had food processors to do all the chopping.
I've wanted to do a website on that same theme for years. Even before I became handicapped. But now it's a lot more personal. I'm trying to figure out how to do it, how to schedule the updates I want to make to other sites, e-groups, etc, and still have time to do that site.
I'm not nearly as handicapped as those fine women my mom knew then were, just mildly so. There are days when I have to make choices about how much I can do. There are days when the best I can manage is to talk my husband through a simple meal. Then there are days when I can actually cook almost like I used to, I have to change some things.Even on my best days, everything it takes to make a chicken pot pie properly is not going to happen without a lot of help.
Still deciding how I'm going to do it. If it's going to be a reasonably static site or something like a blog with other contributers, or a posting board, but more and more people I know who have some of the issues I have are asking for tips and techniques and quickie recipes for the bad days.


  1. That is such a fantastic idea, I love it! I think a blog with other contributors would be a great format, and it would be so much easier for the person running it. Good luck, not that you need it! I'm sure it will turn out great, I'm always so impressed with everything you do. What a meaningful project.

  2. i love crockpot meals for really bad days when i can;t lift my arms. (bad shoulder joints)


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