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Sunday, August 2, 2015

An idea for leftover bits of DGY ribbons

So I'm watching this video- and thinking "Hey, awesome use for leftover scraps of Darn Good Yarn chiffon or silk ribbons."
But a couple things- the yarn is recycled- use recycled plastic too. If you don't mind the shape, I'm wild for milk jug plastic. It's generally white or translucent and I use it for barrette backings, building disks, stencils, planters, scoops, I literally have a kitchen drawer full of milk jug plastic cut into sheets from gallon jugs to use for all sorts of things.
Otherwise- yogurt containers, whipped top containers, esp the ones with labels that can be peeled off easily- plus most plastics can be painted if you can't get printing off of them and don't want it showing through the ribbon.
Now, everyone has that friend who keeps every container that comes into their kitchen, the give you seed starts in plastic yogurt containers, they pack lunches in sour cream or margarine tubs and that person is awesome. Except for using margarine (vegans excepted) , but you probably have friends who don't do that. (I'm not that friend, don't even ask. But I do pack my husband's lunches in Lock & Locks because of a nasty accident a while back. If you absolutely don't want it to spill, Lock & Lock) Those friends? If you point out that it's good to want to save the environment and the best kind of recycling is re-purposing? They will sometimes save you things. Then you'll be the one with a big bucket of soda pop tabs waiting to be turned into armor as soon as you feel like working on something really boring for hours. Oh, wait- anyway, ask. You'll wind up with containers.
The only folds bias tape should have in a project are the nice ones down the length. The card wrap folds are easy to get rid of- use a hair straightening iron.

So the above was written as a FB update and wound up getting a little longer than expected. I'll be honest- at 3:am, when my sleeping schedule is all inside out, and given the really amazing week I had last week (more on that later) - I tend to get a little enthused, run on, and have very little control over my stream of consciousness. It's good though, because that's also the time that I get the most inspired. 

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